The one I should not write!

This is a blog I probably should not write but me being me I am going to anyway. I was touching on a similar subject while writing for my Gay Escort Guide book earlier today and then lo and behold (I think that’s the right saying) it came up tonight. Probably by some cosmic law of attraction thing I had the wrong thoughts fresh in mind then it shows up manifested in reality haha, I’m just fucking with you but who knows could be.

So this situation just two hours ago; starting a journey to meet a client who has been anticipating our appointment for some time and made the confirmation call tonight and with a couple of hours notice I was geared up, kitted out in my skin tight ripped at the knees lucky brand jeans, a low cut vest top that has my chest on full display, my hair did, fresh and maybe still a little moist from the slippery suds washing all over my firm wet body in the shower moments before walking out the door.

This is where it starts to go wrong and I start to feel my professionalism slipping away and Josh leaving me while (real name) creeps in for a minute. I exit my building and within seconds or so Mr. not so recent Ex but recent enough to have my mind going elsewhere is on my street looking hotter than he was when I got a little bored and we ceased to co-exist. That’s not a big deal I have millions of the fuckers scattered around the city and the globe and even a few nice ones too lol. So that is a temporary attention shifting event that is easily brushed aside.

Next up maybe with my thoughts still lingering I get on the tube or a tube, the wrong tube heading east towards Notting hill instead of west towards Liverpool street already running a little late I begin to get stressed when I realise 3 stops later I’m going the wrong way! There’s a dozen people squashing my tiny body in to the corner of this tube and making me sweat like a bitch on her menstrual cycle.

Finally I get off the tube to turn around the other direction I get to Liverpool street then remember I have to get another two tubes from there changing part way instead of the one tube that I thought it was. I am sweating pints and my hair is no longer looking fresh I have a dozen other people’s sweat on my clothes and I’m pissed off and an escape for an urgent cigarette is in order.

Eventually I decided I am way too late around 30 minutes at that point and bless the client he was very patient and understanding and told me to just get a cab still happy to meet. I have a very important rule and that is; if I’m feeling 90% prepared and ready to be the best boy in the business and provide the best service possible that leaves a 10% short fall and 9 times out of 10 I would rather annoy a client a little by cancelling than turn up and provide my service then feel like I could have done better when we’re done or I wasn’t quite fully in the room with my client. It is kind of important to be fully in the same room with the guy you’re fucking… or fulfilling other requests with.

This is an example that came up tonight of all nights after covering a similar topic earlier in the day for my Escort Guide book “The Gay Escort Guide to Getting Rich… And Staying Rich”

And the moral of the story is this… I am almost perfect but not quite haha

See you soon unless I just ended my career with this blog lol

Your boy; Josh Brandon… baby! x Members

Recently in my blogs I said I will be switching over my sites so my other one will be the main place for escorting and everything I do. I changed my mind. I had a little argument with the service I use to build this website it looked like they were keeping hold of the fan club money and pretending they sent it to me.

Just to set the record straight this site will stay the main site for my clients and all things Josh the escort boy. After lots of harsh words spoken (mostly by me) I found out that I forgot to send them some details. They could have told me that the request was rejected by my bank but never mind it is all sorted and I like this site nice and simple does it I think.

My other site will stay the place for my modelling work. The book and linking to my other websites.

I noticed a jump in the viewers on that site and a few members of this site were worried thinking that the membership side was going to close. The mebers side is staying open and not going anywhere. I won’t be making anymore videos for the members area I am past that for now. Instead I’ll be doing a series of members only photoshoots some sexier stuff just for my premium guys, the die hard fans who I love.. Mwah xx

If the two websites thing is confusing just bookmark and visit this one. This is the one stop site for my clients and if I add anything on that site that I think you guys will like I’ll post links on this site.

Spring time, fun time… Josh so horny

Spring is in the air and I am loving Soho right everyone is horny, happy and smiling with their tight skimpy outfits and skin all on display, ok I did describe Soho on any given day but it is so much better when the sun is shining down on the bohemian district.

Work is extremely busy right now the sun always brings out the horn in folk including me I can fuck all day when the sun is out like my dick is being fed by photosymphasis, I just gotto stick it in something, something warm, dark and out of direct sunlight don’t want to be spreading seeds all over my underwear when there’s so many nicer places to bust a nut and with some friendly company what could be better

Okay so here’s the update… I have not only been busy with back to back clients (with time for showers in between of course) I’m building up a new Josh site myself!! My staff (ok I have one employee but saying staff sounds cool) who’s working on the other side of my empire and I’m trying with all my might to create a brand new Josh website myself, so far I haven’t thrown the laptop out the window so it’s a good sign, this new site which will be sent to my members via a newsletter first and eventually displayed on this site, will bring together a lot of my interests and ventures in one place, this site as the name suggests is one career, it is my most prosperous, time consuming and enjoyable, however, I am attempting to bring it all together my modeling, writing, website affiliates and escorting, kind of like Toys R Us all under one roof.

I have been writing as much content for my book as possible, I’m aiming for a June release in Ebook format to test the interest and depending on the results will put the print version out soon after and will have a better idea which way to go about publishing. I’m really excited about the book it’s coming together really well. I am a perfectionist so I will keep holding back until I know I said all that needs to be said. I could swear I’m writing an encyclopedia so I have to condense it down hone it from being a guide to escorting, city life, money, relationships, building a business and on and on in to being the guide to escorting that it is supposed to be.

I haven’t written a blog for such a long time, I didn’t even realize. I have been forgetting to complete my calendar and to keep things up to date lately, I do apologize I have a million and one things that I’m working on right now, if but a little scattered I am making a lot of progress on goals I laid out some time ago.

So to bring this to a close, I’m an even hornier little fucker lately I have worked everyday several times for the last week and most days several times the previous week… but as long as the sun is getting me hard and I have even a spare hour in the day that’s one hour too long to not be meeting with my clients and having fun.

You know what to do dial 0800JoshBoyNow and I’ll see you soon, haha

Since the Erotic Awards in May 2011…

So business after the awards has been busy. Aside from my blessed horny clients fitting in every way they can… I mean every day they can Tongue out I had to kick it up a gear with writing the book for a Summer release. I started a few new websites that you will hear about soon and I have been doing photo shoots and drumming up potential interest for getting them “out there”. Yesterday I was real happy and bouncing off my ceiling to have a publisher contact me and express interest in my book. So many options Self-published definitely standing out as the best and the Ebook edition of the “Gay Escort Guide to getting Rich… And Staying Rich” will likely be out before the print.

More pictures coming soon. The new pics will be added to my other website which will eventually be the main site for you guys need to come to. I’ll let you know when to come over to the new site.

We’ll see but for now sleep good or get your dick out have a little wank and call me in the morning if it doesn’t deal with that erection. I think a visit to Doctor Josh is well overdue even if I seen you last night that’s a whole 24 hours without the good stuff.

Your Boy… Josh Brandon aka Joshboy, aka JB, aka that sexy muthafucker haha ;P x

Same 5 star Escort service, New location… Josh Escort’s New Home

As you may have seen on my photos page I asked for my clients to give an opinion on what you think about me moving to Central London. I had been thinking about moving for some time because my location can be a fair distance for some guys to travel to east London not so convenient perhaps for international travellers and those who prefer to stay within central, plus all the time I was losing travelling between central London back to here only to get called back to central.

I am back from Miami since I guess yesterday seen as it’s 3am now, wow I should sleep real soon, Anyway… No rest for the wicked and wonderful, I’m starting to move this week and so excited London’s West end has been calling me for a long time and I kept hitting silence but I put the speakers up loud to get myself moving on from an overstay at Walthamstow.

So you guys my new home and the new place for you to jot in to your sat navs and remember for your tube journeys will be… dum da da dum… Old Compton street, SoHo with the nearest tube stations within a 3 – 5 minute walk from Leicester Square, Tottenham Court Road and Piccadilly Circus tube stations with Covent Garden also close by.

For overnights stays at my place we’ll have a choice of ordering in from some of London’s finest restaurants located in SoHo or you can brave my cooking which can be ok, haha. The convenience of getting to me or for me to visit you in any central London hotel and home when I have availability will be much quicker. My new pad is very luxurious and will be more so when I get stuck in.

From January all appointments will be there and I’ll officially be moved in. Stop by some time bring a bottle of wine and all things necessary and I’ll have my sexy lil butt, some lube and my hard dick ready and waiting Tongue outWink

QED Live Session with Ashley Ryder and Josh Brandon

I will be at the QED Session on Sunday July 24th taking part in the final instalment of the unique event which has been held fortnightly since March this year.

The event is founded by Ashley Ryder and Holly Revell the Life Drawing Workshop for artists and students alike with a gay erotic twist on it.

I will be modelling along side Ashley Ryder and three other male models in this sexy picnic scene while the guests who attend the event can take to the drawing boards and paper with their charcoal provided at the venue to find their inner artist and capture the sexy moment in time.

This is the one and only chance you will ever have to be in my beautiful presence the same room as my bare naked body for less than 3 figures..! The fee which is to be paid at the door on arrival at the venue is £30 with concessions for £15.

But you guys I mean this with all sincerity should you attend (and I am hoping you will help this Final QED session that is my First time be the biggest) if you touch me while I am posing and doing my Model thing I will chop your hand off and kick you in the head 🙂 touching is not included but you can draw and drool to your hearts content.

So behave but come by and enjoy the sight of me teasing and misbehaving with Ashley and a few other hot model boys.

Venue details:

MASTER U, 330 Kennington Lane, Vauxhall, London SE11 5HY – Click for Map
Telephone: 020 7582 9406

Time of Event: 2pm – with refreshments available and a friendly atmosphere

Visit the Facebook page and site for more details. – Live Webcam Sex Shows

I recently launched a new website for all the sexy webcam model boys out there and for the guys who enjoy watching live webcam sex shows.

I hooked up with a company to offer this service using their secure tried and tested platform. And I designed it specifically for male webcam models aged 18 – 21 the twink boys and teen boys of the cam model world. I set a model age limit up to 22 years old for model boys joining the service. The only time I could ever be accused of age discrimination Smile but for the guys I want to enjoy the live shows I think the decision on age will keep it sexy.

If you happen to be an escort or a model or just a super sexy boy looking to earn some extra cash head over to complete the register form and you will be up and running. Turned on and cumming for that cash in no time! You set your own rates and will appear across the largest network of cam for cash sites including

I’ve been asked to do cam shows a lot by my clients and guys who want to visit but find it difficult from overseas or can’t always afford the in person meetings a kind of top up service in between visits. I decided in the end my time is limited for getting on cam myself so how about I set a service up with an army of hot boys hopping on cam for your pleasure and getting that money for themselves. Everyone’s a winner!

To watch the live gay webcam shows. A simple registration by filling out the form on purchase credits discreetly processed through CCBill (One of the most trusted payment processors) and you can watch to your cocks content. There are always dozens of boys online and ready to perform either solo strip tease and wanking sessions or the duo tag team boys ready to do everything you can imagine and describe in text or audio (Your choice) from hard core fuck shows to blow jobs and playful fun. Oh and you can always try before you buy the session starts for free by clicking on a boy have a little look and if you want to see the full works and get the boy to yourself in a private show just hit the private show button and only from that point the credits go in to use… when you have complete control of your chosen boy

For Twitter lovers you can follow on

Or click the banner below for the home page and the sign up links above to get straight to the action!! And yes that pic does look familiar my sexy 69 underwear Tongue out

Erotic Awards Winner for Male Sex Worker is…

The Erotic Awards 2011 – The winners were announced at the Night of the Senses Erotic Awards ball in London on Friday May 20th. The night was amazing with sexy and dazzling sights to behold with every turn of the eye. I spent most of my time getting drinks down my neck and chatting with the most friendly and sexually liberated bunch of people imaginable.


The night started… With me and my friend standing on Tottenham court road trying to hail a cab even attempting to get a tube before going back to the taxi idea. My Friend in cut up school boy trousers and a mask on his eyes and me with a pair Angel wings glittered up boots and tight white hot pants. Two cabs refused to stop waving as they went past. I had a brainstorm of holding up the bag so they could see we do have somewhere to keep money! Finally we got picked up and dropped off at Electrowerks club in Angel. At this point most people we seen were still wearing normal clothes and had bags with them I have no idea why we didn’t think of that but I’m glad we didn’t was fun walking around central London dressed up or hardly dressed at all and I wouldn’t have changed that.

We entered the venue got chatting to the sexed up people that filled the rooms then the finalists were pulled aside for the winners to be announced and prepared to go to the stage when called. I was nervous as hell in honesty feeling confident but dreading not hearing my name being called. The uber sexy Helen Croydon named the winners and finally I could relax knowing the outcome. My other friends arrived and I decided to not mention the results.

Josh Brandon – Josh Escort – Male Sex Worker of Year. Award Winning Gay Escort

And the Winner is – Up on stage when Helen Croydon (Journalist TV Preenter and Author of Sugar Daddy Diaries) introduced the winners and by the way little old me the one and only… Josh Brandon of course won the Erotic Awards 2011 Male Sex Worker Award. Who else do you think lol. I am over the moon and feel very blessed to be awarded for doing what I love especially in this Awards event who look for the most talentented in every area of the sex industry and from all over the world the judging panel include the best of the best in their fields who look to the whole world for the best of the best in the sex and adult industry with nominees from the UK to USA and Japan to Canada, Australia to France. I knew when I found out I was nominated that you could only ever enter a category once so if you lose you can’t be nominated again so it was pretty intense.

When Helen Croydon who presented the show introduced me saying “Josh stood out for his organisational skills, and all his feedback this young man is an entrepreneur and we think busier than Richard Branson, he has a book coming out as a guide for male escorts” I was in a bit of daze so don’t remember the full introduction but was so nice to hear. I gave a little speech was totally crap after literally just getting to the stage as Lara Latex the female Sex Worker winner was announced and close to finishing her speech. I had less than a minute standing there and all of a sudden I was on the stage lol. Lara by the way is totally stunning. Me and my friend seen her as she arrived and even us gay boys were like Wow she is beautiful. So if you like the ladies too check and at and maybe you fancy having a night with the Number one Male and the Number one Female. Give either of us a call and I’m sure we can arrange that 😛

Josh Brandon and Lara Latex Male and Female winner Erotic Awards Escort Sex Workers 2011
Sexy Fun at the Awards – Those of you wondering curiously waiting for me to talk sex and I know some of you are, I can smell the sweet scent of horniness a mile off.. So did I get off with a million guys in the gay zone or join in on one of the mini orgies going on in every corner of the “chill out” room. I had all eyes on me all night and that is an understatement was getting compliments with every turn of my wings but I was on such a high and my focus was on getting in front of every camera and networking with the sexy crowd so I didn’t get in on the orgies. By the end of the night I had an idea who I was bringing home and kid napped one of the volunteers after asking the lady responsible for the whole event Tuppy Owens of course.

Long story short… I won officially the Male Sex Worker of 2011. The Award winning Escort and I’m so happy. I want to thank all of you guys reading this. My clients around the world who keep me doing my thing and enjoying what I do. The guys who gain something sexual or otherwise from the service I provide enjoying it enough to keep me staying busy living comfortably and be recognised as being at the top of my game. You have to play to win in whatever you do in life or business otherwise why do it all and I am very fortunate that I enjoy putting a smile on my clients faces and making sure they leave feeling like every penny was well spent. Thanks to you guys I reached peak in my profession and I’m eager to keep getting better and grow in every thing else I do also because that’s what’s this whole life thing is about I guess.

Gay Escort – Josh Brandon – Escort in London – Award Winner Golden Flying Penis

The Erotic Awards 2011 – Male Sex Worker of the Year Finalist

Erotic Awards Overview – To anyone who is not familiar with the Erotic Awards it has been dubbed the Oscars of the sex industry with the event (The Night of the Senses) described as the Glastonbury of sex.

 The International Erotic Awards looks to the world sex industry for the cream of the crop in adult entertainment and celebrates the success they have achieved and the contribution made by each winner to the sector of the sex industry that the winner represents. Everyone from Performers, Strippers, Sex Workers, Musicians, Campaigners, Film, Fashion, Writers, Directors, Photographers, Websites and Politicians are up for an award, with live music and performances on stage and rooms catering to of all of our unique sexual desires, this night is going to be one to remember..!

A quote directly from the Erotic Awards website “Every year, since 1994, we herald the most talented, and influential sex-positive pioneers.
Together, we create a sensational show and exhibition of their work and honour our winners with a Golden Flying Penis Trophy.

By now you have probably already figured out where I’m going with this and it is really difficult to contain my excitement but I’m not done so read on guys and boys, I am getting to what I am bursting to say.

The Event – Night of the Senses: Friday the 20th of May at 8pm. The Venue: Electrowerkz in Angel, Central London with the Erotic Awards taking over the venue delivering the Night of the Senses and for us boys and men there will be all kinds of action taking place in the Bad Boyz rooms, the dungeons and gay spaces for all us naughty and nice sexed up guys to unwind or get wound up, whichever pleases you most. 😛


7 Torrens Street


Tickets – Are available at the door limited in numbers, there will be sex industry folk flying in from all over the world and every corner of London so if you are tempted to be tempted all night long, it may be wise to book tickets in advance. You can Get Tickets Here at The Ticket Sellers website.


The Cause The Erotic Awards has a beautiful twist on it, they support the work of The Outsiders Charity which help people with social and physical disabilities to develop friendships and find partners and the sister charity TLC Trust that connects disabled men and woman with responsible sex workers and services who approach their clients with equality.

Quotes… “The TLC Trust provides opportunities, advice and support to disabled men and women so they can find appropriate sexual and therapeutic services.” TLC Trust

“Outsiders welcomes people with physical and social disabilities to join our club, make new friends and, if they wish, find partners.” “Since its formation in 1979, Outsiders has become much more than a membership club. It has evolved to be a peer support network, and an international authority on disability, sex and relationships. We run the Sex and Disability Helpline and SHADA, the Sexual Health and Disability Alliance.” Outsiders Charity

Finalist for Male Sex Worker of the Year 2011

Okay so now the part you must have guessed was coming and the answer to the blog title. Drum roll please. I Josh Brandon, do here by declare, I am a finalist at the Erotic Awards for Male Sex Worker of the Year 2011. I am so over the moon right now, and even more excited than a 21 year old virgin boy walking through my door and being directed to the bedroom for the first time, and trust me that is the definition of excitement right there.

When I first found out about the nomination I was like wow that’s nice they put me on the list, when they told me I made it to one of three finalists in this international awards and thought of all the guys from London to New York to Paris and every major city, okay now I’m really excited…! To be considered as one of the top three in my chosen career, is an honor and I feel very blessed to be recognized for doing what I love to do and for doing it well. Escorting is my profession and I love it, and yes I am a business boy first but there is more to my career choice than money the rewards are far greater than currency alone, for the sake of this blog turning in to a book I won’t cover that subject here and now, speaking of books you can find those reasons among other things in my book to be released in July 2011, had to plug that, hehe.

To see my category and all the finalists for the Erotic Awards visit the Finalists page

The competitive spirit in me is starting to come out now and I have to admit I want that Golden Flying Penis award, just looking at it gets me hot and it’s definitely fitting to the “Erotic” in the name. I have my friends going crazy saying “you have to win, you’re busier than anyone” and making me more nervous about the whole thing. Even my mum and dad try very hard not to show too much but I can see they are secretly proud, their rebellious high school drop out son might just accomplish something even if it isn’t exactly what they had in mind lol. As you guys reading this my clients know I enjoy what I do and put a lot in to making sure my clients have the best service so being a finalist is a good feeling, but yep I can’t deny I really want to win 🙂  

 To all my clients I will be happy for you to come along to the event and cheer me on, after all I would not be up for the award if my clients had not kept me doing my thing over the years. You have the details above, if you attend remember I will be with friends but feel free to scream my name when they announce me as the winner and scream in discuss if I don’t win, haha. Hope to see you there on what could be my big night and regardless will be an amazing night for everyone.

Christmas in London

You probably noticed Christmas is coming in like a week the lights are beaming and the shops are packed. It is freezing cold and peoples wallets are strapped! I love this time of year and I am usually getting ready to head home for my pressies and see my family but decided this year I fancy something different so for the first time since I landed in London (from Wales in case you didn’t know) I’m going to have my first Christmas in my home in London. My family are not so happy about that but I want to see what it’s like in London over the holidays so it’s just me and my friends doing crimbo in London town.

I will be here and available to meet over the Christmas period except on Christmas eve or day because that would be weird and I’d have to charge through the roof to take myself away from getting drunk with friends on those days… So to anyone feeling a little lonely or bored over the holidays and wanting to treat and indulge themselves like you deserve to do… With something sweet like chocolate, sexy like stockings, horny as a reindeers head and tasty like a Christmas roast just give the boy a call and let me make your wishes come true and warm your winter blues, bring sexy back in to your life before the years end until you feel like all your Christmases have come at once…

You have the best timing right now if we haven’t been able to meet before and you have tried booking some time. This month is the quietest of the year and I will actually be here for a change so the chance is I can meet on your schedule pretty easily instead of trying to work with my schedule.

If you are sitting bored with family watching the same movies as last year wondering how long you have to stay until you can politely say thanks and bye, fuck that just come see me get freaky, have a cuddle and snuggle with a nice glass of wine. A suck and a fuck or we can go out and dine!

Just to let you know in a lot more words than needed… I will be in London this Christmas!!

Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year

Hugs and stuff

Josh xXx