Christmas in London

You probably noticed Christmas is coming in like a week the lights are beaming and the shops are packed. It is freezing cold and peoples wallets are strapped! I love this time of year and I am usually getting ready to head home for my pressies and see my family but decided this year I fancy something different so for the first time since I landed in London (from Wales in case you didn’t know) I’m going to have my first Christmas in my home in London. My family are not so happy about that but I want to see what it’s like in London over the holidays so it’s just me and my friends doing crimbo in London town.

I will be here and available to meet over the Christmas period except on Christmas eve or day because that would be weird and I’d have to charge through the roof to take myself away from getting drunk with friends on those days… So to anyone feeling a little lonely or bored over the holidays and wanting to treat and indulge themselves like you deserve to do… With something sweet like chocolate, sexy like stockings, horny as a reindeers head and tasty like a Christmas roast just give the boy a call and let me make your wishes come true and warm your winter blues, bring sexy back in to your life before the years end until you feel like all your Christmases have come at once…

You have the best timing right now if we haven’t been able to meet before and you have tried booking some time. This month is the quietest of the year and I will actually be here for a change so the chance is I can meet on your schedule pretty easily instead of trying to work with my schedule.

If you are sitting bored with family watching the same movies as last year wondering how long you have to stay until you can politely say thanks and bye, fuck that just come see me get freaky, have a cuddle and snuggle with a nice glass of wine. A suck and a fuck or we can go out and dine!

Just to let you know in a lot more words than needed… I will be in London this Christmas!!

Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year

Hugs and stuff

Josh xXx