Recently in my blogs I said I will be switching over my sites so my other one will be the main place for escorting and everything I do. I changed my mind. I had a little argument with the service I use to build this website it looked like they were keeping hold of the fan club money and pretending they sent it to me.

Just to set the record straight this site will stay the main site for my clients and all things Josh the escort boy. After lots of harsh words spoken (mostly by me) I found out that I forgot to send them some details. They could have told me that the request was rejected by my bank but never mind it is all sorted and I like this site nice and simple does it I think.

My other site will stay the place for my modelling work. The book and linking to my other websites.

I noticed a jump in the viewers on that site and a few members of this site were worried thinking that the membership side was going to close. The mebers side is staying open and not going anywhere. I won’t be making anymore videos for the members area I am past that for now. Instead I’ll be doing a series of members only photoshoots some sexier stuff just for my premium guys, the die hard fans who I love.. Mwah xx

If the two websites thing is confusing just bookmark and visit this one. This is the one stop site for my clients and if I add anything on that site that I think you guys will like I’ll post links on this site.