QED Live Session with Ashley Ryder and Josh Brandon

I will be at the QED Session on Sunday July 24th taking part in the final instalment of the unique event which has been held fortnightly since March this year.

The event is founded by Ashley Ryder and Holly Revell the Life Drawing Workshop for artists and students alike with a gay erotic twist on it.

I will be modelling along side Ashley Ryder and three other male models in this sexy picnic scene while the guests who attend the event can take to the drawing boards and paper with their charcoal provided at the venue to find their inner artist and capture the sexy moment in time.

This is the one and only chance you will ever have to be in my beautiful presence the same room as my bare naked body for less than 3 figures..! The fee which is to be paid at the door on arrival at the venue is £30 with concessions for £15.

But you guys I mean this with all sincerity should you attend (and I am hoping you will help this Final QED session that is my First time be the biggest) if you touch me while I am posing and doing my Model thing I will chop your hand off and kick you in the head 🙂 touching is not included but you can draw and drool to your hearts content.

So behave but come by and enjoy the sight of me teasing and misbehaving with Ashley and a few other hot model boys.

Venue details:

MASTER U, 330 Kennington Lane, Vauxhall, London SE11 5HY – Click for Map
Telephone: 020 7582 9406

Time of Event: 2pm – with refreshments available and a friendly atmosphere

Visit the Facebook page and MasterU.com/qed site for more details.