Same 5 star Escort service, New location… Josh Escort’s New Home

As you may have seen on my photos page I asked for my clients to give an opinion on what you think about me moving to Central London. I had been thinking about moving for some time because my location can be a fair distance for some guys to travel to east London not so convenient perhaps for international travellers and those who prefer to stay within central, plus all the time I was losing travelling between central London back to here only to get called back to central.

I am back from Miami since I guess yesterday seen as it’s 3am now, wow I should sleep real soon, Anyway… No rest for the wicked and wonderful, I’m starting to move this week and so excited London’s West end has been calling me for a long time and I kept hitting silence but I put the speakers up loud to get myself moving on from an overstay at Walthamstow.

So you guys my new home and the new place for you to jot in to your sat navs and remember for your tube journeys will be… dum da da dum… Old Compton street, SoHo with the nearest tube stations within a 3 – 5 minute walk from Leicester Square, Tottenham Court Road and Piccadilly Circus tube stations with Covent Garden also close by.

For overnights stays at my place we’ll have a choice of ordering in from some of London’s finest restaurants located in SoHo or you can brave my cooking which can be ok, haha. The convenience of getting to me or for me to visit you in any central London hotel and home when I have availability will be much quicker. My new pad is very luxurious and will be more so when I get stuck in.

From January all appointments will be there and I’ll officially be moved in. Stop by some time bring a bottle of wine and all things necessary and I’ll have my sexy lil butt, some lube and my hard dick ready and waiting Tongue outWink